• John Marques

Rolls Royce Adamas Edition

Ahead of Cullinan’s unveil in a few weeks, Rolls Royce brings out a special edition under the younger and bold “Black Badge” series. This time the focus goes on the more driver-focused models with a run of 40 Wraiths and 30 Dawns under the name “Adamas” – a Latin word derivate from “Adamantis” with a meaning that can be translated to “hard as steel”, “invincible” or “unshakable”.

The project signed by The Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective is once again focused on the dark side of the brand with extensive use of carbon-related materials such as the 88 laboratory-grown black diamonds used in Black Badge’s Infinity logo and the 294 layers of carbon fiber used to produce the Spirit of Ecstasy over 68 hours.

Apart from these features, this edition also stands out with a particular configuration of Mandarin Orange on the Dawn and Cobalto Blue on the Wraith model along with a diamond-themed headliner that has to be my favorite feature on this edition.

Even though my favorite still is the Phantom Drophead, I have to say the Wraith is my favorite from the Adamas edition.

What about you? Wraith or Dawn?