• John Marques

The Porsche 356 by Zagato

The Milanese company is ready to bring Porsche back to its roots summoning the soul of the 61-year-old Porsche 356 – an icon marked by the crash after winning four titles over the two years leading to the fatal 1959 accident.

Now by the hands of Andrea Zagato, CEO of the design firm, the 356 is destined to come back to life in a limited edition of 18 units – 9 coupé and 9 in the spider configuration named Porsche 356 Carrera Zagato and Porsche 356 Carrera Speedster Zagato. These acts of automotive art are based on period-specific 356’s which is not included in the starting price-tag of 350,000 USD referent to the conversion process and adding up to something close to half a million dollars.

Zagato promises to keep the “classic” program going with a focus on lost masterpieces – meaning they will only recreate cars that are gone or completely destroyed. This is the case of the 356, a fact making the reproduction process supported solely by antique sketches and black & white pictures from the 50’s.

As the oldest automotive design house in Italy that is still family-run, Zagato sees a bright and particular future for their creations: “We’re moving from a phase of car ownership to car rental and leasing, what will remain then are dream cars, one-offs, and limited editions. This is all we design for, cars you’ll use on the weekend.”