• John Marques

Monaco for the Weekend

My first stop after Lisbon was the place where I completed my master's degree a few years ago: Monaco!

It was actually the university that brought me back to the principate, this time to attend a friend's graduation.

As always, Monaco is an excellent Summer destination and even though it was a short visit I got to meet some cool new people and believe it or not was mistaken by a prince (Very long and complicated story there ...).

The Principate experience As always, Monaco is great in the Summer apart from always being cloudy the last couple times I visited... After landing in Monaco and checking in, the first thing I did was to just wonder around the city that I once called home and remember some of the moments and stories these streets tell.

From the iconic Port Hercules where you overlook all the majestic yachts to the iconic Place du Casino. A historic site with the namesake casino, the Café de Paris which combines a few posh locals. Right across the road is the Hotel de Paris, a landmark now under restoration that will hopefully finish before my next visit.

Fun & Friends Even though I only ended up meeting my friend on the last day for lunch at the charming Bistrot Bouchon. I got to meet some incredibly fun and fascinating people that ended up in one of the most fun nights I had over there. From an incredible dinner at Odyssey in the Metropole Hotel prepared by Michelin starred chef Heinz Beck, a quick stop for drinks at the Monaco institution that is SASS, to going through the Leopard tunnel all the way down to the seafront club Twiga and being mistaken by some southern European prince.

Goodbye MC Overall an enjoyable and unusual trip from what I was expecting and at the end absolutely incredible. The last day was particularly touching because I had the chance to see the whole graduation ceremony from a different perspective (And it was rather interesting when I noticed my picture in the fliers halfway through the ceremony).

Here's a list of a few spots I have been during my last trip that you should check if you visit Monaco: - Metropole Hotel - Hôtel de Paris - Hôtel Hermitage - Odyssey Restaurant - Buddha Bar - SASS Café - Twigga Monte Carlo - Monaco Casino (Particularly the private rooms) - Oceanographic Museum of Monaco - New National Museum of Monaco