• John Marques

The Hybrid Batmobile

Over the past week I had the chance to make the BMW i8 my daily drive and not any i8 but one of only three Protonic Frozen Black Edition in the country. This limited edition is particularly focused on the aesthetics giving the four-seater a "Batman" look with a mix of matte and glossy finish throughout the body, unique selection of materials in the interior and several other small appointments making it stand out from the standard version.

Even though it has a sporty feeling to it and definitely not a discreet car when driving around Europe, this BMW revealed itself as a potential daily-drive - a car I would actually consider purchasing myself once back to Dubai.

The 374HP sportscar was one of the first performance focused hybrids to come out and a huge step into the launch of BMWi. Overall a happy surprise, the coupé was more than I was expecting and probably due to some prejudice against hybrids that is absolutely gone.

For more information on the BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Black Edition check their website here along with Santogal's, the largest BMW distributor in the country, for any further inquires in Portugal.