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The Wishlist II

Models closing the 2017/2018 Fall Winter Dolce & Gabbana Show - celebrities influencers royals

Welcome to the second itineration of The Wishlist (AKA The Wishlist II), this time I bring you a mix of real estate, jewellery and fashion from the old continent. With a couple of my picks coming directly from my home country, Portugal, namely the development at Palacio do Santomil in Lisbon, and the exclusive furniture design brand Boca do Lobo.

Palácio de Sandomil Let's open the list with the first one I mentioned: I found this listing while scrolling through the real estate website, a project created to rehabilitate an old and decaying palace located right in the middle of Lisbon's historic downtown. The project's name comes from the building itself: Palácio de Sandomil and I felt compelled to share it here because I felt in love with the aesthetics of this place (particularly in a city that I love), take a look at the pictures and let me know if you agree. (4,505,400.00€; Find it here: Sotheby's Realty)


Morgan Motors Aero 8 - Classic Car , grey, parked in london

Morgan Aero 8 Just like in the last list, I will stick with English automobiles but this time a selection from the XXI century. My pick goes to the Aero 8 model handcrafted by Morgan Motors; the UK-based company specialised in combining tradition and technology to create some of the most beautiful cars coming out of the UK. The company defines the Aero 8 as the most technologically advanced vehicle they ever created and regarding feeling and design it is absolutely exquisite. Honestly, hope to visit their factory sometime over the next years and even test drive this car on the streets. (From 140,000.00$; Find it here: Morgan Motor Company)


Dolce & Gabbana show 2017

Dolce & Gabbana FW 17-18 Dolce & Gabbana is definitely back as a force in the fashion world, after some more complicated years over the past decade, the luxury brand is now a headline grabber. Not only because of their style but also due to their runway crowded with celebrities, royals and influencers from around the world (Which thankfully brings to reality and shows younger generations that you don't need to fit the runway model stereotype to make it in this World). But that's not what makes it a pick on my list, that's the collection: an excentric and eclectic choice of items that evoke Baroque elements and over the top looks, we can sum it up simply as a surreal baroque dream on steroids. As you might have understood from my Instagram (You probably do if you are here), I do love this particular style. And that's why this collection makes it to the list: the gold crests, silk pyjamas and eccentric formal suits (And those crowns, don't let me start on that).

(See the show here: Dolce & Gabbana)


Cartier Love Bracelets in yellow gold, diamond and gemstones

Cartier Love Bracelet This bracelet has been dubbed as the ultimate millennial status symbol, particularly after the last decade or so after the design being resurrected from the Cartier archives. Designed by Aldo Cipullo in 1969, the solid gold (or platinum) bracelet and its homonymous collection are now considered the most successful collection ever created by Cartier. The design speaks for itself, go and get yours locked on your wrist.

(From 4,450.00£; Find it here: Cartier)


Boca do Lobo Circling back to Portugal, we now go to a different field: not a home but what you fill it with. Boca do Lobo is a company headquartered in Porto and specialised in luxury design furniture, their creations are utterly breathtaking and are able to combine traditional Portuguese motifs with contemporary design values in an innovative way using exquisite materials. Don't just look at the piece in the picture, see their whole collection on the website following. (Piece shown starting at 17,417.00€; Find it here: Boca do Lobo)


Let me know what you think of this month's collection of items and about any suggestion for the third instalment of The Wishlist.

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