• John Marques

The Wishlist I

The "Wishlist" is something new I am bringing to my page, every month a selection of my favourite items I came across during the previous month. To start with a bang and because it's holiday season, let's go with five of my all time favourites for December's Wishlist.

The Corniche One of my favourite cars ever and ideally something to include in my future garage: the Rolls Royce Corniche IV generation, a particular model manufactured between 1992 and 1995. Once one of the most luxurious automobiles of its time, the Corniche irradiates an aura of old glamour and beauty from a gone by era. In the ideal scenario I would pick it either in pure white or black, definitely one of the classiest and timeless cars ever that makes you feel like you are driving down to Monaco for lunch. Find some for sale here.


The President Because business is a constant in life, I picture the scenario before with a Louis Vuitton President on the back seat. I particularly fancy the one with the classic LV monogram (And for the curious ones, this is not the original LV monogram, the original one was the Damier pattern which I am not a particular fan). This accessory is a staple in any men's wardrobe and an iconic item that became a symbol by itself. Find it here.


The (Gold) President Continuing to fill the scenario and in line with the "president" line of thought, a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date in 18K gold goes perfectly on the wrist. Traditionally a symbol of power and success, the 1956 watch has been used by leaders around the globe for decades (and even features a fascinating story between JFK and Marilyn Monroe) which granted the particular gold model the nickname of "Rolex President". Without any doubt one of my favourite timepieces of all time. See the official page here.


The Signet Rings Now going away from branded items but keeping the yellow gold scenario, another thing I have been craving are yellow gold rings. Not simple, discreet, plain rings but signet rings. Either vintage or custom made, these pieces fascinate me with the intricate details that can be included by experienced craftsman to remind you of your achievements, your family and where you come from - a reminder that anything is possible if you take your time and put great effort in it. Find some here.


The Military Ceremonial Jackets

Still shying away from any particular brand but following the same idea around the last product, the next item comes in the form of a jacket. If you know me personally or from my Instagram page, you already know I very passionate about sharp tailoring and wearing the closest to a perfect outfit as possible. One of the items I have been obsessing over lately are military jackets, not the camouflage ones but the ceremonial style ones. These are amazing pieces, either just inspired by the concept, like the designs shown by Balmain or Burberry, or proper military replicas from designs used several decades ago. In my perspective, these not only have a strong aesthetic presence but also express an eccentric side I am very fond. See some here.


These are my five picks for this month and if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know in the comments section bellow!

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