• John Marques

Back to the Principality

My first post goes back a few months to the month of June, when I travelled from Dubai to one of the most amazing places on Earth and where I was lucky enough to spend a year of my life: the Principality of Monaco. This is where I studied for a year to complete my Masters Degree in Luxury Business Management, a place where I faced different realities and was lucky enough to meet some incredible people that will stay in my life for many, many years.

As you might know, Monaco is a magic place that makes you forget about everything happening outside its borders and what brought me back to this destination was an incredible moment in my life: It was finally time for graduating and more importantly to see everyone again since last year.

This time it was a short stay, but I was lucky enough to enjoy every second of it: go back to the restaurants in my memory, jog by the Mediterranean Sea in the early morning and enjoy the nightlife with some amazing people from around the globe. To register this moment in an extraordinary way, I had the opportunity to photograph with the very talented James Pouliot from 19 Rivoli at a marvellous location: The Hotel Metropole in Monte Carlo, an icon in this paradise city.

After a very fun afternoon, these are some the best photos we ended up! See all of them in the gallery bellow and let me know if you like them!

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Special thanks to:

James Pouliot from 19 Rivoli (Photographer)

Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo

Arthur Sleep London (Monogramed Slippers)

Kachins Couture Dubai (Tailored Suit)

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