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W Motors - The Wolf of Dubai

This week the subject of my attention will be W Motors, the brand from the United Arab Emirates that has successfully presented itself to the world since 2012. But don't let the novelty of the company fool you, what this luxury brand lacks in history makes up in innovation, technology and if you think of this company is too young don't be afraid. W Motors has partnered with many establish and respected companies from around the world like RUF and Studio Torino, that together bring centuries of experience to the table.

Lets start from the beginning, it was 2012 and when no one was expecting a new car brand (especially such a luxurious one) would arise from the crisis in the western world it did. Directly from Beirut on the 11th of July, W Motors was presented at the Sursock Palace at an over the top ceremony and a few days later, on the International Qatar Motor Show, they presented the first car: The Lykan Hypersport.

The first (of many to come I hope) car from the United Arab Emirates is limited to only seven units and incorporates technologies not seen in any car before like holographic user interface. Besides the technology some less known features are the 24H concierge service that results from a partnership with Quintessentially and a special edition Frank Muller watch that comes with the multi-million euro car. The car is amazing and believe me that it looks even better live than in the pictures, I had the opportunity to see it in 2014 at the Top Marques in Monaco and I was happily surprised. Performance-wise the car has 780 hp, can go from 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds (A time in line with the McLaren P1,LaFerrari, Pagani Zonda and Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron) and reach a top speed of 395 km/h.

Now that this flagship car was presented all over the globe, W Motors has new plans with at least two more models: the supersport (In the picture below), which is said to be limited to 25 units, have 1000hp and be powered by a renewable energy source yet to be known. The other project refers to an unnamed SUV that is still in concept phase but that CNN confirms to be in the company's plans.

W Motor's Lykan Supersports.

Besides rolling out this models, the company is now building a factory in Dubai that will employ over 100 people and also expanding business into lifestyle with the upcoming line of clothing, accessories, luggage, watches and sportswear.

In an interview with CNN, Ralph Debbas (CEO) said "My client already has a Pagani or a Koenniggseg, and he wants something different.”, so I hope W Motors keeps creating "something different" and showing us their creativity and skills for years to come.


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The first image is property of Marcin Wojciechowski Photography the remaining ones are W Motors official pictures.

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