• John Marques

The Starting Point

After some thought I decided to establish myself as a freelancer in consulting for luxury companies, this decision comes after a long preparation and now feeling like I have the right amount of expertise in both fields, luxury and business. Also while doing my master I felt more and more like I should put my knowledge to work and help others finding solution for their problems and improve their business, ultimately leading me to this decision.

You can now find my freelance website on JohnACMarques.com, don't hesitate to contact me concerning this subject and I will reply promptly.

After getting more than 100,000 views in the old blog when it was at its peak I decided to upload the most successful posts of the old blog to the new one. From now on I will create weekly content mainly focused on the luxury industry, Hope that all of you enjoy it and don't forget to like the Facebook page and subscribe in the box bellow.

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