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From Monaco With Love - Wally Yachts

Wally Power 118

Wally Yachts is a manufacturer of amazing yachts since 1994. Founded by Luca Bassani, an italian businessman orignally from Milan. The company started by building only sailling boats and then expanded to produce some of the most modern and spetacular yachts to date.

Wally Power 118

One example of their work is the amazing Wally Power 118 with 36 meters (118 foot) and an unique angular design reflecting a futuristic vision of yachting. The boat has 5,600 horse power supllied by two Rolls Royce engines, its development went from the company's laboratories in Sweden to the Ferrari test centers. Priced at 33 million dollar, this piece of art received the Millenium Design Award and was the central piece in the exhibition 'Glamour: Fabricating Affluence' at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2004.

Wally Power 118 Interior

More recently Wally Yachts did a partnership between the company and the Hermès, their collaboration resulted in the WHY 58x38 yacht, an amazing mega yacht designed by the two companies.

WHY 58x38 yacht

This yacht has 58 meters long (190 feet) and 38 meters (125 feet) wide, a fuel tank that allows to cross the atlantic ocean multiple times and many floors. With a pool, terraces, suites, library, media room and more for a little over 100 million euros.

The company also has plans to enter the giga-yacht market with the Wally Island. This project is based on a design that is more similar to a cargo ship than to a traditional yacht, it is predicted to have 99 meters long (325 feet) and a main deck with 1000 square meters (about 10,800 square feet) that can be customized to it's owner taste.

The Wally Island has enought space for 24 guests and for a crew of 40 people. The yacht has 6 large suites, 1 king size bedroom, 20 double cabins for the crew, a main saloon, balcony and many other amenities.

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