• John Marques

Rolls Royce by Labourdette

Labourdette Rolls Royce Phantom III Vutotal Cabriolet

This is the Labourdette Rolls Royce Phantom III Vutotal Cabriolet, before the transformation this was like the picture below, a Rolls Royce Phantom III from 1939.

Rolls Royce Phantom III from 1939.

But 1940's extravagant millionaire, Louis Ritter, who was known to enjoy life at is full, decided to get something even more unique than one of the 719 Rolls Royce Phantom III (priced at about 10,000.00$ at the time, roughly 150,000.00$ today). To do so , he sent it right to Paris, to the atelier of Henri Labourdette.

Labourdette was an outrageous designer, ahead of his time and known by how extreme is creations were.

This car was the last creation by Labourdette himself, heavily inspired by sailling the whole original chassis was changed. The project at the time was said to cost 40,000.00$, which can be translated to approximatelly 390,000.00$ nowadays.

It's reported that Mr.Louis Ritter threw an amazing party at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York to comemorate receiving the car. But after a few months, in October 1948, the car was up for sale again.

This might seem like a short-lived passion, but it was actully one of the cars that Mr.Ritter kept for longer since he changed his car at least once a month.

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