I provide consulting services to established businesses and start-ups that want to enter or improve their awareness, positioning or strategy in the luxury or premium market.


My consulting services regard the following areas:

- Brand Strategy

Auxiliating you when creating a new brand or revamping an existing one to match your vision now and in the future. From the logo to a detailed plan for implementation.

- Brand Expansion

Providing you the best solutions for all the adjustments needed when expanding your business to new fields and markets.

- Brand Repositioning

When a brand loses its luster it is time to go ahead and bring the best out of it to bring sales and awareness back to the top. 

- E-Commerce & Digital Strategy

Bringing your brand to the digital era can be complex, I can provide you a complete strategy and help put it into practice by creating your webpage, e-commerce platform and social-media profiles.

- Luxury Lifestyle

Because luxury is not just business, I can advise you on your personal life, providing you with the latest trends and suggestions when shopping or assisting you on improving your image for yourself  and who surronds you (offline and online).


For further information contact me here.